Based on my current financial trends, I anticipate that I will accumulate more income in the next few years than I have in my entire lifetime. Recognizing this possibility, I have adapted my primary business so that it will pay an Annual Retirement Income Bonus to all of the Affiliates in my “Learn & Earn Profit-Sharing Program” who qualify and who paid no fee to become Affiliates in the first place.

This is my method of transferring my wealth – not to ungrateful relatives – but to people in need who are willing to help themselves liberate themselves from dependence on anyone other than themselves, i. e., self-empowerment.

James Green did not know about my plan before he wrote his reply on my Facebook page, but he must be a mind reader or in the early stages of a profound prophetic epiphany because his reply fits me like a glove.  I am so excited because what he said nailed my new announcement right on the head before I even made it.

My revised plan is not to leave my earthy gift to relatives alone, but to share it with the most deserving Affiliates of the “Tony Brown Learn & Earn Program” who qualify. To my way of thinking, the more I can give away to deserving people who want to earn it, the more income I can generate for myself and my Affiliates. But most importantly, this includes the amount of good my gifts can have on elevating society.

Now you may understand why I found James Green’s insights so relevant and exciting. I hope my friends in Brazil take heed of Green’s advice also. I also hope that the recent 2,078,720 new Facebook views to Tony Brown’s Journal from Brazil and South America agree with me.

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