Do Blacks really want to be socially and economically equal or do we just want to talk the idea to death with pity-party responses to our predicament?

I recently shared my ideas on this crucial issue with members of the Black Business Network at their annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

The response on my Tony Brown’s Journal Facebook page was a total of 134,848 views in just five days.

This fantastic response leads me to conclude that there is a solid path that has been built as a bridge to finish the self-empowerment dream of economic visionaries like Marcus Garvey.

Those who want to build a viable future for Black people had better wake up and pay attention to the value of self-help.  African Americans are now consciously aware that there is no White Calvary on the way to save them. They also know that the government’s primary interest is spending money not helping the people learn to produce and earn income and wealth.

Therefore, the people have decided on their own that the right direction is to heed my advice that “Your Time Has Come,” the building-bloc message of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the man who is still being maligned by some of his own people for frivolous reasons and politically-motivated mistaken interpretations of history.

The purpose of this blog is not to focus on the ignorance of such malcontents, but to emphasize the new possibilities that the Garveyites, so-called, have made possible. Anyone who has ever read a book that taught an accurate history knows that Marcus Garvey was a wealth of information that just keeps on giving.

After only 12 hours, my Facebook page post picture quiz on Marcus Mosiah Garvey gathered 32,208 views. This post was a record response for any 12-hour period.

By 12Noon, the total views had reached nearly 40,000. I anticipate that at this rate this self-empowerment pride will go viral. And, in my opinion, this is a projection of what could happen if the Black demographic socio-economic group combines their efforts behind buying their own freedom rather than begging others for what has already been given to us by our heritage.

Along with this mighty wind on the backs of a mighty people, propelling them into a destiny of powerful leadership, is nothing less than the same consciousness that conceived humanity. Your choice is simple, either join the power of The Force or the powers of the cosmology will not be available to you. Your own force can remake the world, but you must seize the moment.

“Omitted, all the voyages of their lives will be spent in shallows and darkness. Upon such a full sea are we now afloat. We must take the current when it serves or lose our venture,” Cassius told Brutus in Julius Caesar.

“Rise up you mighty race, accomplish what you will” – NOW. (Marcus Garvey)

“All I can say is WOW!!! Tony Brown’s message to the TAG TEAM Convention attendees was AMAZING!!!... FANTASTIC!!!  He was simply PHENOMENAL!  We closed out at 10pm… and even at that late hour, our members were still buzzing about Tony and everything that he shared. Tony truly connects with the hearts and minds of our people. His words stirred everyone emotionally at a core level, and now they are all emotionally connected with him forever,” Delxino Wilson de Briano, president of TAG TEAM/The Black Business Network, responded.

This new opportunity to make real progress has emerged, as has a new dynamic leadership like Delxino and Debbie de Briano and Timothy P. Washington who are uniquely equipping us with both knowledge of our history and an essential integrity that allows to understand it.

To put all of this in a practical context, please ask yourself the following question: “Why does a mighty people in the best economy in the world (with a GDP that is equivalent to the 12th largest nation in the world) focus on holding pity parties and on begging for government assistance?”

In the immortal words of the mighty Marcus Garvey: “Rise Up You Mighty Race, Accomplish What You Will.”

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