The Black Experience Is Surviving On and Soul of the South TV Network. (See Updated Station Listings Below). 20 NEW TV/CABLE Markets Added To The Tony Brown’s Journal and Soul of the South TV Network line-up nationwide. (More Markets To Come)

TBJ # 111 – Has America Had Five Black Presidents?: An investigation of five U. S. presidents who were alleged to have Black ancestry, in J. A. Rogers’ book “The Five Negro Presidents.”

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TBJ #1604 – The Assassin: Exclusive Interview With the Confessed Killer of Malcolm X:  Part 2 of the Tony Brown’s Journal series on Malcolm X features the exclusive televised interview with the only confessed killer of Malcolm X.  In 1981, in an intimate talk with Tony Brown from his prison cell, Talmadge Hayer explains what his and his co-conspirators’ motivations were and what happened the day Malcolm X was killed on February 21, 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, New York.

TBJ # 503 – Malcolm (Denzel Washington) and Elijah: Decades before Hollywood discovered this Academy Award winner, his 1982 performance on Tony Brown’s Journal as Malcolm X (the physical resemblance is stunning) marked the striving-actor young Denzel Washington’s place in history. It was his first performance before a national audience, thanks to stage producer Woodie King, Jr.  The New York Off-Broadway play produced by King revolves around the conflict between Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam, and his verbal whip, Malcolm X.

TBJ # 631 – Mrs. Norman, We Love You: Garnet High School in Charleston, WV was Tony Brown’s high school. It was one of the most academically rigorous high schools in the nation and, as a result, in 1951 his freshman entrance exam to Wayne State University in Detroit was waived because of Garnet’s outstanding academic record. The fact that Garnet was all-Black by laws that ironically resulted in an all-Black faculty that possessed advanced college degrees from a variety of prestigious universities that included The Sorbonne in Paris and many of the most distinguished Black colleges in the U. S.  On this edition, his English teacher, Ruth S. Norman, and the all-Black school’s standard of academic excellence and character building are profiled. Garnet High School was named after Henry Highland Garnett, a militant former slave from the Mandingo tribe in Africa and later Jamaica.


TBJ # 601 – When The Sisters Came Marching Home: After this profile on the 6888 Black WAC unit was aired, Tony Brown appealed to the Reagan White House to honor the WWII Black WAC unit: “This superb group of women was the only Black WAC unit to serve overseas during WWII. They were cited for doing a job that no one else had succeeded in doing. The 6888th also holds the dubious distinction of being the only all-female unit to serve overseas which did not receive a citation.

 (Listed by Market Size) Over the Air Cable/DSL
New York, New York WDVB-LD - 23.2 VERIZON FIOS - 477*
Chicago, Illinois WRJK-LP - 22*
Los Angeles, California FRONTIER - 269*
Houston, Texas KHLM-TV - 43.3
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas FRONTIER - 269*
Orlando, Florida WZXZ-CA - 36.1
Tampa/St. Pete/Sarasota, Florida FRONTIER - 269*
Jackson, Mississippi WLOO-DT - 35.2 COMCAST - 220*
Nashville, Tennessee WJDE-LD - 31.4
Columbus, Ohio FRONTIER - 158*
Minneapolis, Minnesota FRONTIER - 158*
Seattle, Washington FRONTIER - 269*
Little Rock, Arkansas KKYK-CD - 30.3
Hartford, Connecticut FRONTIER - 158*
Charleston, South Carolina FRONTIER - 158*
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina FRONTIER - 158*
Dayton, Ohio WRCX-LP - 40.1 TIME WARNER - 22*
Rochester, New York FRONTIER - 158*
Beaumont, Texas KUMY-LD - 22.1
Portland, Oregon FRONTIER - 269*
Ft Wayne, Indiana FRONTIER - 269*
Peoria-Bloomington, Illinois FRONTIER - 269*
Palm Springs, California FRONTIER - 269*
Coming Soon Over the Air Cable/DSL
San Diego, California KSDY -50.3* ATT Uverse*
Louisville, Kentucky WBNA*