Some of my Facebook friends excoriated me last week for even suggesting in my blog (“A New Deal” For Black America that Donald Trump might win the presidency on November 8.

In response, I further predict that he will win the presidency outright on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 by 5 to 7 points.

And I emphatically state, once again, that the truth is more important to me than being Black, being American or even being alive.

So I say to all of the naysayers and to the world, that the truth is the only power I seek.

I met a similar resistance from some so-called civil rights leaders when I coordinated the largest civil rights march in the history of the United States the “Walk To Freedom With Martin Luther King, Jr. March” in Detroit and in 1980 when I organized and personally sponsored the Black College Day March to stop the White liberal NAACP Legal Defense Fund, part of the Hillary Clinton alliance, from closing Black colleges.

I won then and I am convinced now that I will be on the winning side when Donald Trump leads this great nation to its destiny of fulfilling its promises to all people, despite his past foibles.

Throw as many rocks at me as you wish; the truth of reality will not be denied nor does it seek a color preference.

Watch this page on November 9 and find out for yourself.

Like I told the girl who rejected me, “If you don’t want to dance with me, I’ll find someone who does. But I’m going to dance.”

God bless you and may our nation become stronger and more united.