FRI., JULY 12 – TBJ #623 – “Stars On Hollywood”: In the 80s Blacks represented a substantial proportion of moviegoers, however, less than three percent of speaking roles went to Blacks. On this program Sammy Davis, Jr, Howard Rollins and Ben Vereen will examine some of the reasons Hollywood did not employ many Black actors during that era and explore possible solutions to this Black artist dilemma.

SAT., JULY 13 – TBJ #1402 – “The Evolution of Sammy Davis, Jr.”:  It's 1983 and Sammy Davis and I sit down and reflect on his television interview with me in 1971.   Sammy Davis says, "I’ve survived where other cats would have been down the tubes. A lot of people don’t like themselves. I’ve stopped trying to adjust because its uncomfortable, let me be the best me I can be."

MON., JULY 15 – TBJ #1210 – “There Was A Time”:   Ralph Cooper, founder of the Original Harlem Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater, was an icon of the Apollo legacy for decades.  This long tradition ended at his death on August 4, 1992.  During his long career, Ralph Cooper was also one of the early pioneers of Black films.  This edition is in tribute to a legend who made and starred in his own movies and helped launch the careers of James Brown, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, the Jackson Five and others. On this program, Ralph Cooper tells his story of his early years before a live studio audience in his hometown of New York City.

Tony Brown’s upcoming and final book: “Walking Between The Raindrops” For info on the contents and the release date click

SUN., JULY 14 – TBJ #209 – “The Big Black Boom On The Great White Way”: A look at Blacks on Broadway. A sharp, fast-paced, sophisticated review of some of Broadway's Black plays and producers that have made New York the theatre capital of the world.

TUES., JULY 16 – TBJ #2410 – “Thomas Jefferson's Black and White DNA”In January 2000, scientists and historians at Monticello announced the results of an independent study and concluded that Thomas Jefferson probably fathered at least one and, perhaps, more of his slave Sally Hemings’ children.  Byron Woodson, Sr., who took a DNA test to prove that he is a sixth generation descendent of Thomas Jefferson, talks about his findings in a new book, A President in the Family.

WED., JULY 18 – TBJ #904 -- Ethnic Nationalism – Part 1: – No one else is going to do it for you. Why did other cultural groups make it across the finish line of economic sufficiency and Blacks did not? This question is discussed and answered by various thought leaders, such as Rev. Leon Sullivan, Percy Sutton, Dr. Naim Akbar, just to name a few.

THURS., JULY 19 – TBJ #905 -- the Gospel of Wealth -- Part 2: This segment discusses the philosophies of great Black economic thinkers: Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, W. E. B DuBois, Marcus Garvey and Father Divine.


  • Coordinator of the “Walk To Freedom with Martin Luther King, Jr. March” in Detroit (1963), according to the July 29, 1963 edition of Business Week magazine, “the largest civil rights march in history.”
  • WINNER of the prestigious silver circle award from the national academy of television arts & sciences
  • Dean Emeritus and Professor, Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, Hampton University
  • First and Founding Dean and Professor, School of Communications, Howard University
  • 2015-2016 National Association of Black Journalists Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Black Emmy Nominee – 1989 Special Recognition Award Winner
  • Tony Brown’s Journal” (TV series): “The Most Complete and Thoughtful Record of African-American Opinion.”