Tasha Leggett Leggett, it is my opinion that if you watch all 1,000 videos and films in the Tony Brown’s Journal collection, you will have the equivalent knowledge-base of a university Ph. D. degree on the history of the African-American experience.

In the last six days, my post “Was J. Edgar Hoover Black?: The Question That Won’t Die,” attracted over one-half million new views to my Facebook page and we also received 4,863 new shares (at an average of 1,000 new views per Facebook page share = 4,863,000 views).

We are making history every time we affirm how proud we are to be a part of our legitimate heritage. Our legacy is not our brief period of enslavement in the U. S., it is the conscious awareness of ourselves as a legitimate part of humanity. We don’t need more welfare programs and more keep-us-in-our-place jobs. Blacks need a break-out strategy and a bold, informed leadership on the uses of money, if power is the goal of the movement. This great country and its great economy have given us the opportunity to exploit greater opportunities and ultimately our own potential.

Rise up, you mighty people and exploit this opportunity by achieving your inherent potential.

Study, Sister Tasha Leggett Leggett. Learn, Sister Tasha Leggett Leggett. Succeed and make us proud and repay your family for the love that put you on the successful path to awareness that you are on. Your birthright is your major asset. Learn the principles of asset formation and turn the Marcus Garvey Dream of self-empowerment and love into a 21st century Reality.

Thank you, for the inspiration you have given me from the innocence and purity of your comment.

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