In 2001 a Washington Post headline reported, “Miss Evers’ Misses The Mark On Tuskegee Tragedy.” In my opinion, that statement of admonishment for the 2001 HBO film about the story of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment is an understatement. The Washington Post initially stated, “The experiment turned out to be a heinous government experiment in which hundreds of Black men with syphilis infection went untreated for 40 years. While the government lied to the men and pretended to heal them, they suffered blindness, deafness, deterioration of bones and the central nervous system, insanity, heart disease – and ultimately death.”

In other words, a major liberal White newspaper turned an egregious tragedy into a Black love story and a Black History Month 2001 promotion that best served the best interests of former benefactors of African slaves and the Black and White owners of indigenous African slaves in states in the North and in the South (see TBJ Show #2902 – “Slavery’s Biggest Secret” & TBJ Show #2903 – “Southern Slavery, Northern Lie”).

“Another Version Of The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment” is an exclusive title from Tony Brown’s Journal Video Library collection that is “Guarding Our Past and Freeing The Future.” You can view this extremely rare footage at, and it can be used to educate the entire audience of the universe.

Part one of the two-part series of the most significant episode in the turbulent history of a country is the known subpopulation of Africans who via sexual intercourse produced the first generation of the African slave population that was used as the labor force that built the physical foundation of what the world recognizes as the wealthiest and most powerful country.