On or shortly after June 30, 2015, the American government is expected to announce a pact with Iran (formerly called Aryan to conform with a Caucasian self-designation for a Persian civilization and currently the leading sponsor of international terrorism which is aimed primarily at the U. S. and Israel). To this terrorist regime, the U. S. is offering to pay Iran at least $50 billion in so-called compensation (NOTE: African Americans suffered hundreds of years in slavery and did not receive one cent for their labor and misery). On top of this insult, the same U. S. government’s foreign policy makers have already sold to Russia, another American hater, approximately 50% of America’s uranium stockpile, the main ingredient in making a nuclear bomb.

It seems that the architects of this U. S. foreign policy strategy believe they can maintain a “stability” between the opposing Sunni and Shia tribal forces that keeps the Shite Iran from invading the Sunni Saudi Arabia, the principal supplier of Middle-East oil to the U. S., while simultaneously supporting Iranian and Saudi terrorists that are surrogate forces for Iran. That duplicitous strategy has backfired.

My primary sources for making these statements are among America’s leading news organizations, namely The New York Times, a liberal publication; The Wall Street Journal, a conservative publication; and the Associated Press and the independent Objective Standard magazine. If their reliable history of reporting can be relied on, our nation and our world are in deep trouble.

The real fact in this matter is that all U. S. establishment solutions to develop a growth economy and erect a viable national security, conspicuously omit the objective requirement for a self-empowered population of African Americans. As a result, we declare war on one another in a nation so divided that it may not withstand the new terrorist threat. Now our federal government’s suicidal state of mind is concluding an agreement with the ancient Aryan (now changed to Iran) regime to give it the billions of dollars it needs to stabilize the economy of its totalitarian caliphate and build a nuclear arsenal to destroy the U. S., its allies, and most of the world.

The American public has been disingenuously informed about this crisis over the years by its own government with the sacrificial philosophies of Wilsonianism and altruistic nation building – while ignoring the welfare and safety of our own people. This is a dichotomy that can only end in disaster for the U. S. and all parties involved, and now liberalism – because these power centers all fail to protect the national interest of Americans while extolling the virtues of sacrificing for foreigners. That’s immoral by any objective standard. Be moral and love yourself as well. That’s America’s moral salvation.

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