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Recognition of the misused and the unknown power of Black Power in the 2016 presidential election was acknowledged recently by representatives of a variety of political interest groups. A Steven Hayward blog stated that CNN contributor Van Jones, a self-identified Black revolutionary Communist and a former Obama administration green jobs czar, has warned that “Donald Trump is likely to win the election” despite the fact that “70 percent of African Americans have a horrible view of Donald Trump.” Add that partisan opposition to the outright rejection of Trump by the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and you will see a bi-partisan firewall to block a Trump presidency.

This is music to the ears of Democrat socialists Bernie Sanders and Democrat Hillary Clinton, the front-runner of the race, who recognize a gift from heaven when they see one. You would think that getting over 90 percent of the Black vote, as Democrats did in the last election would make them more secure. It hasn’t, as Van Jones explained when he pointed out that despite the fact that polls show that Donald Trump is losing 70 percent of the Black vote, somehow he is still, due to his celebrity appeal and bombastic style, attracting 30 percent of the Black vote.

If only 70 percent of Blacks don’t like Donald Trump, that means “30 percent are open to his argument, if he gets half of those, he’s president,” Jones pointed out. That is a huge increase from the 4 percent of the Black vote Republican Mitt Romney received in Ohio, a pivotal and influential state, during the last presidential election. That’s an unheard of feat in modern history.

Read the previous section over again carefully in case you are in a state of shock – because it explains that the entire political foundation of the U. S. electoral system is the 30 million African-American citizens, who because they are unaware and have been deliberately kept in the dark about their own voting power in America, are begging the powerless Democrats and the powerless Republicans to save them from economic disaster while they ignore the real source of power: money.

That’s why Blacks also give away 80 percent of their consumer income to people who will not support them and 94 percent of their votes to one party that enables it to ignore them and not repay them for their votes.

I wrote pretty much the same thing in 2003 (“How The GOP Can Win In 2004 – With The Black Vote.”) No one paid any attention – which made Democrats and Republicans happy. This time, due to social media and – and especially if Donald Trump figures it out – it will be a new ballgame.

The Republican Party can no longer (since 2002) hold its crucial White coalition together with a racist face and leaders who are committed to segregation or legislation that ignores the unique needs of Blacks (relief from poverty, family disorganization and poor schools that are in part residual institutions and centuries of White supremacist persecution) because an estimated one-third of the White Republican vote is expected, a study reported, to bolt if the party’s leaders do not convince them that the Southern Strategy is a thing of the past.

The racial politics of the 1960s and early 1970s have expired because that generation of Southern Strategy White racists is mostly dead. There has been a significant demographic change: over half of all Americans alive today were born after 1964, too late to join the segregation bandwagon. Old school Republican leaders are beginning to realize this demographic reality.

After all of the years of giving the Democratic Party over 90% of its vote, the Black community’s chronic social and economic problems remain chronic, unresolved and unsolved. Real Black empowerment and self-sufficiency has never been more than a public relations token on the Democrat or Republican agenda. Self-empowerment Blacks are not welcome in either party. And since business development is indigenous to capitalism, the absence of a Republican Marshall Plan to create economic impact in distressed Black communities is the main reason Blacks don’t vote for Republicans. That is, not until Donald Trump.    

Just spend your $1-tillion annual income with other Black people, and you will get the attention of both the Democrats and the Republicans – and watch them use the federal government’s budget to figure out a plan to buy you back. Of course, you can directly spend your enormous wealth with other Black people and free yourselves.

Your vote, your choice.

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