After reading Rev. Kenneth Hampton’s comment  to my April 5, 2016 Facebook blog, “Black, Not The Color, But The Reality, Is The Gateway of Understanding,” I only wish that he and the congregation of like-minded people will work with us and help implement a “Watch God Work Day” on  Sunday, June 12, 2016. (Click here and register to receive FREE information.)

That slogan reminds me of the truism that whoever criticizes others should remember that when you point one finger at someone else, four fingers on that same hand are pointing back at you. Moreover, all Blacks need to help our own communities because they are dying. But we all spend money – and we continue to spend 96 cents of every dollar outside of our community.

Hating White people or Asians who own businesses in predominantly Black communities or protesting and attacking what other ethnic groups own are useless and regressive actions because they do not put any money in Black pockets and they do not fill the bellies of any hungry Black children. These mindless, dangerous emotions of rage that can only be depended on to get you killed or put in prison for the rest of your life.

That point of view does not suggest that you buy from people who are not Black either. Who you spend your money with is your choice. Just spend it wisely, e. g., where some of it will come back to your community in some positive form.

True revenge and Black progress can only come from better ideas. Blacks buying from one another is the sweetest revenge of all because it sublimates a base emotion into an activity that is beneficial to all of mankind.

If you don’t understand that strategy now, you will when you are mature enough to understand how to play the game of life successfully and why love is a much more practical motive than revenge.

Here’s a simple, three-step voluntary program to help ourselves:

  1. Declare a “Watch God Work Day” in your church and promote it. Ask your members and friends to spend with the listed businesses that are dedicated to help the Black community.
  2. Circulate and only use the official list of businesses that my website ( has vetted and which have voluntarily promised to support reasonable community self-empowerment efforts. My website ( will publish and periodically update this official list of businesses that are committed to rebuilding our community. All we ask is that you give them a chance to earn your loyalty.
  3. Ask consumers to make a best-effort attempt to give consideration to these self-empowerment businesses when possible, if they find the prices and conditions acceptable.


 If your church or Pastor shares the biblical philosophy of “Faith Without Works” (James 2:26), you are pre-qualified to join the effort to organize a movement that can facilitate the recycling of the annual $1,000,000,000 spending power of the Black community back into the hands of Black people, visit and support self-empowerment in the Black community and earn income at the same time. You can do so by joining our coalition of Black self-empowerment leaders, such as Rev. Kenneth Hampton, who have already been brave enough and intelligent enough to see the connection between the God of heaven and the reality of Earth.

I suggest that we pick Sunday, June 12, 2016 to celebrate and organize this self-empowerment idea in the church and institutions of the Black community that are ready to put their money where their mouth is.

Terry Kennedy’s comment made a very similar suggestion. (Visit my Facebook page: and read Mr. Kennedy’s comment to my April 5, 2016 blog, “Black, Not The Color, But The Reality, Is The Gateway of Understanding.”)  

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