Does your church or pastor share the biblical philosophy of “Faith Without Works” (James 2:26)? If so, you are pre-qualified to join the effort to organize a movement that can facilitate the recycling of the annual $1-trillion consumer spending power of the Black community back into the hands of Black people and support self-empowerment in the Black community, and earn income at the same time, if you choose to do so.

  • 3 Simple Steps To Equality
  • Recycle Your Money 5 to 12 Times Before It Leaves The Black Community  

That’s it. It’s that simple. For full details, read my blog: “Watch God Work”: A 3-Step Plan To Make Black America Equal”. This 3-step plan will recycle and keep our money in our community where it will build up our families, our churches and other institutions and give our children a better future.

Here’s a simple, three-step voluntary program to help ourselves:

  1. Contact your friends, fellow church members and relatives and ask them to go to and look at the list of Black-owned self-empowerment businesses that have agreed to support the Black-community and are dedicated to helping the Black community.
  2. Hopefully, you, your friends, members and relatives will find some product or service that you regularly purchase or need and make a best-effort attempt to buy from one or more of the businesses on the self-help list we have offered you on because these self-empowerment businesses have agreed, in turn, to support others in the Black community. That new money will turn over 5 to 10 times before it leaves Black hands; currently it doesn’t finish one cycle.
  3. When possible use the official list of businesses on my website,, that have voluntarily promised to support Black self-empowerment community efforts. My website ( will publish and periodically update this official list of businesses that are committed to rebuilding our community. All we ask is that you give these self-empowerment Black-owned businesses a chance to earn your support and loyalty.

If your church or group wants to join this vision and pass it along to others, click here to join. If you are a Black-owned business, click here ( for FREE information on listing your business in this self-empowerment movement.

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