“Van Jones: Wake Up, Dems, Trump is Probably Going to be President. If 30 percent of Black voters are open to Trump’s argument, and he gets half of those, he’s President,” Whites, Socialists Worry.

All of that prediction which was made by Van Jones, former Obama White House administration green jobs czar, is very likely to come true, unless Blacks themselves vote on their own behalf and not on behalf of either the White led and dominated movements of Democrats, Republicans or Socialists.

This post is in response to those who have responded to my call for the Black church and other religionists to get involved in "Watch God Work Day," Sunday, June 19, 2016.  My message to them is vote in your own best interest. Make all three White movements work for you – and God – rather than for crony capitalism or socialism.


If you want to increase the amount of money that the typical Black spends with a Black-owned business, all you have to do is organize your faith to include the self-empowerment of all Black people, especially those who are less fortunate, by making the Black community financially stable.  In my opinion, the dire situation of Black people in America begins with the fact that Blacks spend 97% of their consumer income with non-Black people who do not return any of it to the Black community.

Blacks did not divide America along racial lines, but Blacks can bring it together, and, ironically do it by Making Blacks Great Again -- with their own money. For details read my blog: "Make Black America Great Again: A Partnership With Black America.

The religious Black community is the key to the success of getting this job done, and you will have a chance to participate in “Watch God Work Day” beginning June 19 or any day you and those you choose to bring together for this purpose select to Watch God Work And Make Blacks Great Again. Click www.tonybrownsjournal.com/business-listing and view the list of self-empowerment Black-owned businesses.

I officially started the Buy Freedom movement in 1985 to combat institutional economic White supremacy. Economic White racism can only be halted by economic Black equality. And economic Black quality with other ethnic Americans can only be achieved if Black Americans use their personal consumer income to make Black businesses sustainable by buying from them. For a brief history of Black Self-empowerment, click here www.tonybrownsjournal.com/blog/black-self-empowerment.

Rather than appealing to Black people to fill the pockets of non-Black people, Blacks should help one another first. There is no need to hate anyone else, but don’t neglect yourself in the process of trying to prove anything.

Please start by gathering in churches on Sunday, June 19, 2016 and make plans to buy from one another with the Black businesses that are listed at www.TonyBrownsJournal.com./business-listing.

WHAT YOU CAN DO -- 3 Simple Steps To Equality

Does your church or pastor share the biblical philosophy of “Faith Without Works” (James 2:26)? If so, you are pre-qualified to join the effort to organize a group that can facilitate the recycling of the annual $1-trillion consumer spending power of the Black community back into the hands of Black people and support self-empowerment in the Black community and earn income at the same time, if you choose to do so.  The church has organizationally the only viable mechanism and resources for the redistribution of the massive $1-trillion annual income (greater than the 10th richest nation in the world) and houses the most educated and knowledgeable segment of the Black community.

Recycle Your Money 5 to 10 Times Before It Leaves The Black Community. That’s it. It’s that simple. For full details, read my blog: “Watch God Work”: A 3-Step Plan To Make Black America Equal”. This 3-step plan will recycle and keep our money in our community where it will build up our families, our churches and other institutions and give our children a better future and put our $1-trillion spending power back into the hands of Black people, visit www.TonyBrownsJournal.com/selfempowerment and support self-empowerment in the Black community and earn income at the same time.

Here’s a simple, three-step voluntary program to help ourselves:

  1. Contact your friends, fellow church members and relatives and ask them to go to TonyBrownsJournal.com and look at the list of Black-owned self-empowerment businesses that have agreed to support the Black-community and are dedicated to helping the Black community.
  1. Hopefully, you, your friends, members and relatives will find some product or service that you regularly purchase or need and make a best-effort attempt to buy from one or more of the businesses on the self-help list we have offered you on TonyBrownsJournal.com because these self-empowerment businesses have agreed, in turn, to support others in the Black community. That new money will turn over 5 to 10 times before it leaves Black hands; currently it doesn’t finish one cycle with Blacks.
  1. When possible use the official list of businesses on my website, com, that have voluntarily promised to support Black self-empowerment community efforts. My website (www.TonyBrownsJournal.com) will publish and periodically update this official list of businesses that are committed to rebuilding our community. All we ask is that you give these self-empowerment Black-owned businesses a chance to earn your support and loyalty.