Stevie Sullivan commented on my blog, “I feel guilt for what my ancestors did to the same degree as you blame me for what my ancestors did. So what am I supposed to do to deal with this feeling of guilt? Should I refuse to partake in anything good that this life has to offer? What do you want from me?”

Stevie, I believe there are two sides to every sheet of paper or opinion. On the matter of the burden of guilt for racism in the world, I can only speak for myself, one Black person who was born in the racially segregated U. S. when White supremacy was the official law of the land. Space nor time permit me the opportunity to share all of the devastating experiences that racial prejudice heaped on me during that era of legal segregation and outright persecution.

Therefore, Stevie, let me explain that despite what some of your ancestors did to me, that I must help you if I am to make progress now or in the future of my eternal existence. I also love you and all other self-designated White people as well, as all other humans because I know that all humans are of Black ancestry and ultimately the future world of spirit, my of the past and the future home.

That’s my primary motivation for wanting you to enjoy a prosperous, healthy and long life of love and service to others. If you will do that, in my opinion, any debt to humanity or to Black people that you believe you owe will be paid in full. Revenge has no positive benefits, and I want nothing to do with it. Besides, I do not possess the wisdom to judge you. Even if I did, I’m sure the fair standard for my decisions could not be based on the color of your skin.

Furthermore, that prejudice would make me as big a hypocrite as were your ancestors who practiced slavery and the persecution of Black people.

I have reached the conclusion that my ultimate and rational path to the reality of the inclusive ALL of everything that awaits me on a higher plane of consciousness after my transition back to my original form in the spirit world in the universe of universes.

There is no death, only as many transitions of evolutionary spirit as you require – just the return to your original form and, perhaps, the realization of your own divinity (“I AM”), if you earn that opportunity. In fact, I have already applied for admission to study under the ancient master, Apollonius of Tyana, upon my return. So, if you reach that plane of consciousness, I’ll be easy to find.

And when you understand enough science and the reality of truth, you will understand/discover the facts and have the empirical evidence for the reality that all human life originated as a black-skinned prototype of humans in Alkebulan, the continent now known as Africa. The ancient world knew that knowledge until several centuries ago a few mad European “scientists” and “intellectuals” invented a flawed theory of the five “races” of the human race, a false hypothesis.

The true history of the truth of reality teaches us why without a knowledge of true history and love, we are doomed. Live a long life and fulfill your destiny of generation, the purpose of your birth, if possible. Answer only to the Truth.

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