What “Darkness” From America’s Own Past May Arrive In 2022? It Could Be A Curse That Colonial Slavery Left The U. S. — Racism, Bigotry & Greed.

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Was astrology correct when it predicted that America would pay its debt for slavery in 2022? (See “Turning Point: The United States’ Pluto Return,” Ray Grasse, The Mountain Astrologer, Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020, p. 21) SOLUTION: “America, Understand That Black Self-Empowerment Is A Vital Part of Making America Great.”  The absence of Black self-sufficiency is the…

Great Black Athletes

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Great Black Athletes are among the nearly 1,000 programs featured this week on TonyBrownsJournal.com  Friday, Nov. 1 — TBJ #407 – The Sports Plantation: Why some college athletes don’t graduate. A look at why so many Black athletes never graduate from White colleges.   Monday, Nov. 4 — TBJ #613 – DO ACADEMIC STANDARDS HARM…

Tony Brown with Hampton University Journalism Students Make History At The New York Times

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BLACK HISTORY Great Events In African-American History March 7, 2008 Tony Brown with Hampton University Journalism Students Make History At The New York Times Harvard, Columbia, Syracuse Place Second In Competition In 2008, The New York Times chose 18 college journalism students from across the country for its widely recognized summer internship class. But unlike…

Tony Brown Donates $100K

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BLACK HISTORY Great Events In African-American History Tony Brown Donates $100,000 to Hampton University Scholarship Fund and sows the seeds of success for future journalists Hampton, VA – In 2009, Tony Brown donated $100,000 to the Hampton University scholarship fund. Brown, the first Dean Emeritus of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications at…

Rare Book Offers at Discounted Prices

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Rare Book Offers at Discounted Prices         For information on his next and final book, “Walking Between The Raindrops,” www.TonyBrownsJournal.com/Upcoming-Book TONY BROWN IS …  Author of “Black Lies, White Lies,” “Empower The People,” and “What Mama Taught Me,” all published by William Morrow & Company, Inc. (NY). Visit www.tonybrownsjournal.com/shop For 40 years,…

Africa’s Gift To America

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“If we only knew that the world’s true early beginnings were Black History, ‘What A Wonderful World It Would Be,’ Louie Armstrong sang to us in his signature classic hit.” – Tony Brown The first thing you must have to obtain true freedom is the knowledge of who you are I am a child of…

Rare Footage of Black College Day — 1980

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Separatism never has been the major driving force of Black Colleges. Clearly, these schools were not the evil the Brown versus Board of Education decision sought to eradicate. They were the product, not the cause of the evil identified in Brown v. Board of Ed, that is, the exclusion of Black students from White institutions….


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“The Real HU” … Though no longer required, Hampton and Howard made it a priority to keep playing By Tony Brown, the Dean Emeritus and Professor of the Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications and the First and Founding Dean and Professor of the Howard University School of Communications TONY BROWN IS…

The Only Color of Freedom Is Green

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“The Only Color of Freedom is Green” Presented this week on TonyBrownsJournal.com Throughout the history of Black America the focus of self-help through economic development has peeked and declined. Presently, it is on life support, as a result of a strong focus on electoral politics. But it was not always that way. The “Color of…

TonyBrownsJournal.com Presents “The Evolution of Sammy Davis, Jr.”

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FRI., JULY 12 – TBJ #623 – “Stars On Hollywood”: In the 80s Blacks represented a substantial proportion of moviegoers, however, less than three percent of speaking roles went to Blacks. On this program Sammy Davis, Jr, Howard Rollins and Ben Vereen will examine some of the reasons Hollywood did not employ many Black actors…