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Is There A Plan To Get Rid Of Blacks?


A 1992 TIME/CNN poll found that 73% of the people surveyed believe there was a conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy. In another poll, ABC-TV news investigated whether White America has a plan to get rid of Bla...

Date Rape


The Mike Tyson-Desiree Washington rape trial focused national attention on the crime of date rape. This edition examines date rape and why a large number of Black women believe that Mike Tyson was the victim. (1510)

A Health Explorer


Dr. Allen Counter, a Harvard neuroscientist, combines his anthropological and medical interests to combat the health problems of isolated indigenous groups: descendants of Matthew Henson and Admiral Perry in Greenland...

Events that Changed America: Roots and Revolution


African Americans have historically been on the fringes of society, but they have wrought major changes in this country.  This program examines two phenomena that have shaped the course of American history.  One was r...

July 4 — Tear On The Face of America


A filmed examination of how the moral damage of segregation and racial discrimination against Black American citizens has left what figuratively amounts to the stain that a dried tear leaves on a face. (923)

The AIDS Maverick


Virologist Dr. Peter Duesberg emerged has one of the scientific community’s brightest talents when he discovered the viral gene that can cause cancer. This program examines his research and his controversial stance on...

AIDS Counterpoint


On a previous Tony Brown's Journal program, Dr. Nathaniel Lehrman and Mr. John Lauritsen discussed a link between AIDS and drug usage, especially crack cocaine,  and both condemned the usage of toxic chemicals, such a...

AIDS without HIV


On this program, Dr. Harvey Bialy, editor of the newsletter for The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, talks about the changing definition of AIDS and why hundreds of the world's top scientis...

AIDS and Health


As new reports of patients who were HIV positive but who never developed AIDS continue to show up in medical journals, the validity of the official government's position that the human immunodefiency virus is the prec...

Does The AIDS Virus Cause AIDS?


Forty of the world's top physicians and biologists have formed a committee to re-access the role of the HIV virus and AIDS. Increasingly, the assertion that HIV infection leads to AIDS is being challenged. One challen...

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